The Shepherd King: A Study of the Life of David

Many people get discouraged that their life is not one constant success after another.  But that is not real life.  The Bible presents people with all of their successes and failures, so that we can take confidence and hope from their examples.  One such example is the life of David.  This study examines the life of David, together with his triumphs and tragedies, and gleans real life lessons.

Lesson 1 The Christian Life is Interesting.pdf

Lesson 2 Disadvantage to Advantage.pdf

Lesson 3 Where Did the Mountain Go.pdf

Lesson 4 Who Will Be Your Pallbearers.pdf

Lesson 5 Is it Ever Right to Do Wrong.pdf

Lesson 6 Misfits Misplaced Mistakes.pdf

Lesson 7 Betrayal Encouragement Loyalty Reduced.pdf

Lesson 8 The Shepherd Loses His Cool.pdf

Lesson 9 Darkest Just Before Dawn.pdf

Lesson 10 The Real King.pdf

Lesson 11 The Shepherd Goes Astray.pdf

Lesson 12 Finishing Well.pdf