Tales That Teach: A Look At The Parables of Jesus

Many of us, growing up in church, have heard of the parables of Jesus.  Quite often, they were told in Sunday School class and we may remember some of the basic stories.  The parables of Jesus, however, are frequently misunderstood, and sometimes stretched far beyond their intended meaning and purpose.  This study tries to carefully examine some of the parables of Jesus to learn the deep spiritual message often contained in simple stories.

Lesson 1 The Sower.pdf

Lesson 2 When God Ran.pdf 

Lesson 3 Good Fences.pdf 

Lesson 4 Cosmic Intrigue.pdf 

Lesson 5 The Significance of Insignificance.pdf 

Lesson 6 Acres of Diamonds.pdf 

Lesson 7 To Err is Human To Forgive.pdf 

Lesson 8 That's Not Fair.pdf