Job: Answers For Troubling Times -- When Life Doesn't Make Sense

    At some point in our life, things may seem to go terribly wrong.  At times, when we are in the midst of trouble, it will seem that the God we have always served is silent, deaf to our cries for help.  What do we do at that moment?  You may be tempted to question everything you ever learned about God.  The study of the book of Job is a study of the nature and character of God.

 Lesson 1 What Did I Do to Deserve This.pdf 

Lesson 2 I'm Drowning.pdf

Lesson 3 I Can't Do It.pdf

Lesson 4 Big Heads and Narrow Minds.pdf

Lesson 5 Sorry Comforters.pdf

Lesson 6 Job's Assurance.pdf

Lesson 7 What Is The Measure.pdf

Lesson 8 Hide-N-Seek With God.pdf

Lesson 9 Preaching To the Choir.pdf

Lesson 10 A Tale of Two Lives.pdf

Lesson 11 Pride And Prejudice.pdf

Lesson 12 The Answer For The Answer.pdf